Brûlot Charentais - Flamme des Anges

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Brulot Charentais Castel SablonsWhat better way to introduce ourselves than to introduce you to the secret of our great specialty, the Brûlot Charentais, this tasty coffee flambéed with cognac from the terroir of our region. We call it ” Flamme des Anges”. Imagine a very low alcoholic sweetener (2 to 3% vol.) To the taste of fruit jam (pear, plum and apricot) poured into the cup of coffee.
Imagine the flavors of a creamy mocha mixed with the subtle woodiness of our cognac which becomes delicately noble and praline.
Imagine this harmony of a nice sweet-bitter-acid balance and a surprising length in the mouth.
Imagine also the bluish flames that shine in the eyes of your friends and the rare and unforgettable moments that you will share …

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