It was once customary to have a hot drink before going to bed. In certain regions hot wine was taken topped off with burning “alcohol”. That is the case in Charentes, where Brulot has been enjoyed for more than three centuries. 


La flamme des anges


 At a time when coffee was still a drink for special occasions, the charentais wine producers discovered that by adding “full strength” Cognac to the surface of the coffee, they could set light to it and produce a sublime aroma. The tradition of Brulot Charentais was born.


 Many families have continued the tradition and kept examples of the cups dating back to the 18th Century.


 You will be amazed at the simplicity of the recipe :


 1) Place the cup in the saucer (it is preferable to put the saucer in a plate or a tray). Arrange two sugar lumps  in the saucer, around the cup.


 2) Fill the cup with cold coffee stopping about 2 centimetres short of the top.


 3) Prepare 2 centilitres (4 dessert spoons) of Cognac “La Flamme des Anges”, and pour into the saucer.


 4) Prepare 1 centilitre of Cognac (2 dessert spoons) “La Flamme des Anges”, and pour it very slowly over the back of a coffee spoon. This ancient practice ensures the cognac remains on the surface of the coffee.


 5) Use a match to carefully light one of the sugar lumps. The Cognac catches light first of all in the saucer, and then on the surface of the coffee.


 6) When the flames go out, and as soon as the cup is no longer burning, place it on the coaster provided, and pour the syrupy sweet reduction left in the saucer, into the cup.


 7) Your brulot “La Flamme des Anges” is now ready to taste. You can add to it a drop of milk or sour cream.

Brulot Charentais

Brulot Charentais